Term that exploded in last three years is a Fake News. One can call it fabricated news, hoax or false information, but at the end its - intentional and systematic misinformation aiming to manipulate public opinion. However, manipulation of public opinion isn’t anything new. For decades it was used by politicians and governments to shape support for their actions, but with its acceleration using Internet and social media it became one of the biggest threats to modern democracies. These tools alleviated speed, decreased price, broadened reach and increased impact. All main obstacles of manipulation before.

First episode of Finding Freedom podcast goes deeper into this phenomenon in seek for an answer on how to deal with fake news. Our guests are experts in the domain:

Ricardo Silvestre, International Officer of Portuguese think tank Social Liberal Movement
Airis Meier, treasurer of European Liberal Forum and expert working on fake news in European parliament

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Author: Ivan Despotović, political analyst at Freedom Barometer

Production: Antonio Andrić

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